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George “Loki” Williams is a Freelance Web Content Producer and Consultant in New Orleans. He currently generates text and audio content, administers social media campaigns, provides training and acts as Administrator of a variety of websites, forums and online communities including the multiple ENnie Award winning Planewalker.com.

Shortly before the two year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina a combination of luck and LiveJournal resulted in a position working for Internet Pioneer Steve O’Keefe at Patron Saint Productions. In addition to providing content development and online training to clients. He was an instructor for the ”Blog Buddy” campaign for AMACOM Books that won PSP the 2008 Bulldog Reporter Award (PR Innovation of the Year). He continues to subcontract on several projects for Patron Saint to this day in it’s new incarnation as SixEstate Communications.

In addition to his contracts for Patron Saint he was also the Online Organizer and blogger on the Open Society Institute’s Webby Award Winning Katrina: An UnNatural Disaster. He has provided social media support, (including Twitter, blogging, and audio content production) for Xhang Creative, The VCU Brand Center, Small Plate Radio, and SixEstate on a variety of projects.

Audio content produced includes podcast interviews with Louis Gosset Jr., Chef Emeril Lagasse, Walter Koenig, Ed Rollins, Micheala Angela Davis, Geraldo Rivera, and many others.

Always curious, always ready for new projects, always ready for a new conversation!