Michelle Lehman, Executive Vice President, Marketing and Communications National Association of Broadcasters
Radio2020George was hired by our organization to create and maintain a blog with the goal of promoting advancements in free, local radio. He did an excellent job of capitalizing on the latest news and technological advancements with very little oversight or management. George is a pleasure to work with and always delivered fresh, newsworthy content in a timely manner. He did an excellent job of furthering radio’s profile as an innovative medium that continues to thrive in the digital age. I would highly recommend his services.
Steve LeVine, Chief Foreign Affairs Writer Business Week
The Oil and The GloryLast year, I launched my first book, The Oil and the Glory, on the Internet through Patron Saint. I did not know the first thing about blogging and creating a presence on the Internet. In a month of coaching, George Williams patiently and expertly took me through the paces, the result of which has been that my blog is being absorbed by Business Week as one of their primary blogs. While there are millions of blogs, it’s still an embryonic industry — success is an art rather than a science at this point — and George Williams is one of the best artists.
Kelly O'Keefe, Managing Director VCU Brandcenter
Radio Heard HereGeorge is the editor of a blog about the radio industry that we sponsor. In the time we’ve worked with him, he has demonstrated a remarkable grasp, not only of the subject matter, but also of the tone we’re trying to set with our efforts. He has a marvelous eye for news and his reporting on events is insightful and fresh. George never misses an opportunity to engage a partner or win over a new friend. He collaborates openly with our partners working with other online and offline communications. Everyone in my organization and my client’s appreciates the work George is doing. He has helped to move the conversation forward in an important industry.
Kevin Allman, Editor Gambit Weekly
gambit weeklyWorking with George was a pleasure — he knew the Web inside and out and he was always available to answer questions. I wish I had his energy, which is always unflagging and cheerful.

Doug Xanger, Founder and President Zhang Creative
George is an incredibly energetic, passionate, creative guy. I have a great deal of respect for the voice that he brings to his work because of its honesty and sincerity. I have seen plenty of storytellers in my time, but George is able to weave a tapestry of profound discussion, all seen through the kaleidoscope of hope.
Sarah Hood, Software Developer / Web Developer Planewalker.com
planewalkerGeorge has been one of the strongest supporters of Planewalker’s community and development since he came on board with us. He’s our leading edge of community initiatives and always has bigger and brighter ideas for the coming years. His work with Planewalker over the years has kept the site alive and the community engaged, we really couldn’t have done it without him.
Emily Gibson, Audio Producer and Engineer Small Plate Radio
small plate radioGeorge is the all around man. George kept the Advertising Week 2008 radio station buzz alive with high profile interviews and writing up to the minute creative content.
Neil Hepburn, Founder Tun3r.com
tun3rGeorge has made the Radio2020 blog (and by extension the blogging voice of the radio giants [NAB, RAB, HDA]) into something that I feel captures the essence of radio. Namely, something – like George, and like radio – that has real personality.