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sprThis afternoon at 6pm Eastern Standard Time I will be a guest on Episode 2 of The Nerd Report, in my capacity as one of the managers for  Planewalker, the Official Site dedicated to the game setting Planescape.

I’ll be joined by Nicholas DiPetrillo, the columnist in charge of nerd watching and community manager behind, a website I have a great deal of respect for.

My colleagues at Small Plate Radio will have one click listening set up as well as live chat so you can throw your questions at us in real time. Shortly after airing the show will be available to listen/download on it’s website or through iTunes.

Another reason that I am excited about this program is it marks my debut involvement with the Nerd Report. I’ll be developing content for the show and for the blog as things move forward so if you wsh to catch me at my nerdiest come on by.

For those of you paying attention and in the interest of transparency allow me to point out that I do a lot of collaboration with Small Plate Radio projects. Doug Zanger, the mastermind behind the network, and I have worked together for over two years now within the radio industry. If you dig the Nerd Report please stop by and check out some of the other shows!

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bullhornWow. Life has been a dizzying array of contractors, deadlines, and hungry house cats lately. Suddenly it has been a week since I last updated this blog, so now is the time!

I just got word that we will be interviewing Chef  Guy Fieri of Food Network fame today on The Meat Show. I’ve been having a blast working on this livecast/podcast and it just keeps getting better each episode. We’ll be on live at 6:30pm EST so come on by and join the chat, we would love your questions and so would Guy! We would love to interact with you, but if you can’t join us we will, as always, have it posted for download and on demand listening in the near future.

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Next in the general news is that Saturday I will finally get an opportunity to meet up with some of the new media people here in my new city.  New Media Cincinnati meets Saturday, May 9, 2009 from 4-7 PM at The Pub Rookwood Mews and will be using an Unconference format. For those unfamiliar with this format here is a description from the NMC website:

The format for the May 2009 New Media Cincinnati Second Saturday is an unconference.  We will designate areas of the room for various discussions to be decided by the group.  For example, folks interested in discussing video will be off in one area, people interested in podcasts and podcasting will be in another area, and so forth.

The Law of Two Feet applies.  If you don’t like a particular group’s discussion, move on to another one. Or start your own. You decide the content.

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I also have the next installment of my Stirring The Pot interviews lined up, this time it will be with Lee Aase, manager for Syndications and Social Media at the Mayo Clinic, and the mastermind behind the Social Media University, Global (SMUG). He is a great guy that I got to know while I was working on a health care blog for a client in the industry last year. Once he is done with his current business trip we will get that rolling so stay tuned!

[Follow Lee Aase on Twitter and Mayo Clinic on Twitter]

Lastly, once I take a quick trip out to Portland (Oregon, not Maine) to meet with my colleagues at Small Plate Radio I should have some new podcasting goodness to share…

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Image: Duchamp | Rights: CC

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Sausage Royale

sausagesInvites naughty humor, doesn’t it? Nonetheless that was the title of Episode 2 of The Meat Show, an episode I had the pleasure of being a guest / guest host on. As the New Orleans connection I spent most of my time talking about boudin and andouille sausages.

In the interest of brevity I will only add that in additon to myself there were some high powered names in the world of sausages on board, one even calling in from Merry Olde England. Bill O’Hagan, joined  Tom Raddell and Jim Pittenger as guests for a bracingly carnivorous podcast about sausages.  Despite the provocation presented by our subject matter the content is actually safe for work.

[ Listen or Download Here ]

The scary thing is that I will be a regular guest / co host on this and probably a few other shows produced by Small Plate Radio. I’ll announce it here as things develop.

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Image: Spigoo | Rights: CC

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The Meat Show

meatshowMy colleagues over at Small Plate Radio have some great new shows on their docket, including one purely for the carnivorous: The Meat Show.  All meat, all the time.

Today’s episode, the second one, was titled Sausage Royale. I’ll bet you can guess what we talked about. That’s right, we. You see Emily, one of the hosts, has been my engineer on a number of work projects, and as happens so often in production scenarios, one of the big topics of conversation during our down time was food. Most often rhapsodizing over the virtues of meat. As a result I’ll be making regular appearances as guest host on the show. Go figure.

It was a good show, some nice audience questions came through the chat, and I got to talk about Boudin and Andouille at length…

The episode should be ready for on demand listening later tonight, I’ll add links as it gets cooked down. In the meantime you can follow @TheMeatShow on Twitter, or join the Facebook Group.  I have a feeling that the long standing threat of Small Plate and I joining forces on some new projects will be coming into focus soon. I’ll be posting here with details once they are ready to go public.

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