Everything we do is seasoned to taste!

bloggingBlogging and Content Creation The creation of quality content is a proven way to bring eyes to your online presence. We can provide both content creation and training on best tools and practices depending on your needs.

George was hired by our organization to create and maintain a blog with the goal of promoting advancements in free, local radio. He did an excellent job of capitalizing on the latest news and technological advancements with very little oversight or management. George is a pleasure to work with and always delivered fresh, newsworthy content in a timely manner. He did an excellent job of furthering radio’s profile as an innovative medium that continues to thrive in the digital age. I would highly recommend his services– Michelle Lehman,¬†Executive Vice President, Marketing at National Association of Broadcasters

trainingTraining  We offer training both for individuals and corporate teams. Everything from the basics of Skype, to the finer strategies of blogging targeted for your level of computer knowledge

In a month of coaching, George Williams patiently and expertly took me through the paces, the result of which has been that my blog is being absorbed by Business Week as one of their primary blogs. While there are millions of blogs, it’s still an embryonic industry — success is an art rather than a science at this point — and George Williams is one of the best artists. -Steve LeVine, BusinessWeek

SpelljammerCommunity Management With seven years of practical experience managing a multiple ENnie Award winning community I can either manage your existing community or strategize with you for it’s growth.

George has been one of the strongest supporters of Planewalker’s community and development since he came on board with us. He’s our leading edge of community initiatives and always has bigger and brighter ideas for the coming years. His work with Planewalker over the years has kept the site alive and the community engaged, we really couldn’t have done it without him. -Sarah Hood, Web Developer and Senior Manager,

Much like good gumbo a good social media campaign is made up of a variety of ingredients. In addition every one’s recipe is a bit different. So should each campaign be individual in in the approach it takes to the ingredients available. Everything we do is seasoned to taste.

We can help you to understand the rapidly changing world of marketing by teaching your company how to cook with a wide array of ingredients like Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Blogs. In addition, to spice things up a bit, we teach you about the free and low-cost tools available and how to get the most out of them. With our experience working with companies across the United States, SocialGumbo can help you cook up a virtual dining experience optimized for your business needs and time management abilities.

Our clients range from individuals to national companies and we are able to scale our services to almost any set of needs. If we can’t do it we will try to find you someone who can. We bring to the table experience in the management of online communities, content marketing, social media strategy, training (both corporate and individual), blogging and more. In addition we provide content creation services on both an a la carte or ongoing basis depending on your appetite.

In this age where social media is responsible for more web traffic than pornography you can not afford to ignore the social web. The conversations about your brand will happen no matter what, the question is “will you be a part of them?” Learn how to find and join in on the conversations that are already happening. You will be surprised by the results.

Contact us for a complimentary consultation to discuss your online strategy and needs! We can arrange consultations face to face over Facetime, Google+ Hangouts, Skype, or in person if you are local to the New Orleans area.

-George “Loki” Williams

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