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Looks like time to reactivate this blog and make it tap dance again. I’ve been guilty of ignoring my own advice that I give to clients about not letting it lapse.  On the good side it gives me the opportunity to make a quick State of the Gumbo post and bring all of you up to speed on our current projects and events.


My weekly blog for SixEstate continues into it’s fourth consecutive year! Anyone desiring my services for book based projects needs to go through 6E, and please feel free to request me by name!

CincyVoices has been sold to one of the senior staff I brought in. I made sure to sell it to someone local with an online background that included the legendary WOXY. It should be coming back to life in the very near future. While it is no longer a part of the SocialGumbo Network we wish them the best and may even periodically lend a hand with things

Rising Tide 8 looms on the 14th of September and once more I will be doing my usual duties as MC. I will also be walking the room doing point of view interviews and providing one in depth Glass demo to a random lucky attendee. We have a Labor Day Weekend Buy One /Get One special, how can you turn that down?  Tickets Here

I am also very proud to announce a new ongoing relationship with Yorwerth Associates, Publishing Consultants and Literary agents. It seems no matter how digital it gets I often end up working with books. I love that.

Google Glass Explorer

Thanks to a few strokes of luck and the support of my readers (you people are fantastic, btw) I’ve now been sporting Google Glass for a few weeks.

First Contact: I must thank the folks at Google for allowing me to be the first one permitted to film the setup / training process. I’m pretty sure that having Kevin Frech of Logical Chaos as the cameraman is what made them allow it. Right now Kevin is pulling together a solid edit for me in between his other projects, and we hope to debut it in the very near future.

View From the Stage: Tonight the first of the projects I am integrating Glass into will hit the stage as I join forces with Wild Bill Dykes to get some comedian’s point-of-view footage as he brings Glass up on the stage with him.

Find Your Island Through Glass: Next weekend I’ll be heading out to Florida as part of the #FindYourIsland team, a group of five Glass Explorers being brought down to The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel on the Florida coast. I will be part of a team of five Glass Explorers brought to the islands by MMGY. I’ll be joined on the three day adventure by

Chef Mars Gets Glassy Eyed: Chef Mars of Louisiana Bistro will don the device and deliver a potent combination of mockery and culinary skill. More details forthcoming after Sept 10.

Cafe Luna-  Art of the Barrista: Greg Hill, owner of geek friendly coffeehouse Cafe Luna will provide some point-of-view lessons in the art of coffee. From artistic foam to  amusing trivia. Coming in mid Sept.


Tabletop Game Design

Dark Roads and Golden Hells

ENnie Nominated

To my great joy Dark Roads and Golden Hells was nominated for an ENnie Award this year. While We did not win it was a wonderful thing to have happen to my first book. As a matter of fact our design team produced so much work for this volume that we had to release a substantial supplement, Shadow Planes and Pocket Worlds, so that we would not waste so much good work.

Despite the fact that I have done a good bit of d20 and Pathfinder design, this was my first physical book rather than a periodical or web property. All in all I’m thrilled at the nomination.

Not only was working with Kobold Press a fantastic experience, but I got to interact with and get feedback from a number of the original Planescape designers. I am proud to say that they seem to like the job we’ve been doing at Planewalker on keeping their work alive.

Savage Mojo

As my debut work with Savage Mojo I translated Dungeonlands: Into The Black from Savage Worlds to the Pathfinder Role Playing Game. The work is available for free on RPG Now and is the opening chapter of the much anticipated Tomb of The Lich Queen. At the moment I am putting the final polish on Pathfinder conversions of some of their Suzerain setting.

Heroic Journey Publishing 

These folks were kind enough to offer me a short series of my own, one that showcases one of my great loves, building character races. A total of four have been submitted and will be published under the common title Eldritch Races. At this point only The Runeborn is finished and available.  Look for the rest in the near future!

All in all it looks like the rest of 2013 is going to be both interesting and active! I promise that the next post will come within the week!


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Sindrian Arts
Judah over at Sindrian Arts is a friend, a client, and one heck of an inventor.

Don’t just take my word for it though, Cory Doctorow just blogged about his latest project on Boing Boing- Kickstarter project to make an open-source CNC router. Many thanks to Cory for helping to get it in front of more eyes!

A CNC machine?  Many of you are probably asking “what’s that?” Well here is Judah’s answer to that very question from his latest Kickstarter update:

Put simply, CNC machines are one of the quickest ways to turn your ideas into physical objects.

When I was little I told anyone who asked that I wanted to be an inventor when I grew up. I would spend hours every day just staring off into space dreaming up everything from pedal-powered airplanes to Nerf-based siege weapons. I got into 3D computer modeling when I was around ten or so, and was amazed by how quickly I could take the images in my head and turn them into 3D objects on my screen. Years later when I entered design school and I was introduced to the school’s CNC machines, I realized that these tools could take the 3D objects on my screen and actually make them real.

I was in love.

I love working with people who have such a passion for what they’re doing! Of course I am also a well known proponent of both Open Source and DIY projects so it’s no surprise that I enjoy this type of project. Check out this video of the Kikori in action and if you’re inspired to do so drop by and add a few dollars to the funding. The minimum is one dollar and every dollar helps!

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As many of you are already aware I am a regular contributor to the SixEstate Communications blog. Since I’ve recently had a few requests I decided to add a new page to the website that would act as a directory of my posts. Ranging from Wikileaks to Facebook it’s been an interesting run, and one that I hope has provided useful and interesting commentary for our readers.

If you’d like to check it out you can Click SixEstate Posts in the left sidebar, or you could just click here.

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classroomI’ve been working on something recently that I haven’t done since moving to Cincy- gearing up to do workshops.

So here is my question: what sort of workshops or classes would you like me to do? Keep in mind these can be geared towards individuals, small businesses, or national businesses. I’ve worked with all three.

Best practices, campaign management, basic how to’s- Let me know!

At the moment the two that I have in mind are Intro to Blogging and Intro to Social Media (there are versions of each of these geared towards both individuals and organizations).

I am planing on both face to face workshops in the Cincinnati area (and possibly in New Orleans periodically) but I am also available to provide custom instruction over Skype (which I will teach you if you don’t all ready use it).

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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Time to kick off the new year’s blogging, and what better time for a native o the Crescent City to do so than Twelfth Night, the official start of the Carnival season! In the spirit of the season I’d like to share the following video clip from my home town with you. In it we get a bit of a view on how social media is being adopted by the traditional secret societies that put on the parades- the Carnival Krewes:

This coming year should be a good one. Here are a few of the things in the works for SocialGumbo in 2011:

In addition to my usual contract work I will be continuing to pen my weekly blog for SixEstate Communications as well as continuing to work on campaigns for them.

I should also be making an announcement in the Spring about our  first experiment with pdf publishing. Look for an announcement then about our new secondary imprint under which we will be publishing material for tabletop RPGs, primarily Pathfinder.

This year both of our hyperlocal projects – HumidCity in NOLA and CincyVoices in Cincinnati – will be getting a face lift and adding some new team members. Speaking of HumidCity, later this month I will be covering the NOLA Comic Con there so if geek news appeals to you there is fun stuff coming!

So here’s to it! A new year, a new decade, and a new Carnival season! May all three be exceptional, educational, and full of new social media toys!

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[Disclosure- I am one of the organizers and the MC for this year’s conference.]

Rising Tide NOLA, Inc. will present its 5th annual new media conference centered on the recovery and future of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast on Saturday, August 28, 2010, 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., at The Howlin’ Wolf, 907 South Peters St., in New Orleans.

The one-day conference features speakers and panel discussions on the status and future of the culture, politics, criminal justice system, environment, and flood protection of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. Past speakers have included actor and outspoken champion of New Orleans Harry Shearer, and authors Dave Zirin, John Barry, Christopher Cooper and Robert Block.

Rising Tide NOLA, Inc. is a non-profit organization formed by New Orleans bloggers in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the failure of the federally-built levees. After the disaster, the internet became a vital connection among dispersed New Orleanians, former New Orleanians, and friends of the city and of the Gulf Coast region. A surge of new blogs erupted and, combined with those that were already online, a community of bloggers with a shared interest in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast developed. In the summer of 2006, to mark the anniversary of the flood, the bloggers of New Orleans organized the first Rising Tide Conference, taking their shared interest in technology, the arts, the internet and social media and turning advocacy for the city into action.

Conference registration is open at www.risingtidenola.com and is only $20 until July 31.  Registration includes lunch. There will be pre-conference party hosted by the New Orleans bloggers on Friday evening August 27, also at the Howlin’ Wolf. More information is available at the Rising Tide5 Website: http://www.risingtidenola.com and at the Rising Tide blog: http://www.risingtideblog.blogspot.com

Rising Tide 5 is sponsored by The Canary Collective, a media publishing agency, and by Levees.org.

Rising Tide’s featured artwork, available as a poster and t-shirt, is once again produced by the award-wining editorial cartoonist and artist Greg Peters of Suspect Device.

The New Orleans bloggers will present the annual Ashley Award named for Ashley Morris—blogger and passionate advocate for New Orleans—who passed away in April, 2008. The Ashley Morris Award is given each year to an outstanding blogger writing about New Orleans and the challenges it faces.

Tables for booksellers and vendors are available at the Rising Tide 5 Conference by calling Tim Ruppert at 504-975-3591 or by e-mailing[email protected].

Those interested in sponsorship should e-mail [email protected].

Information about registration is available by emailing [email protected]. The telephone number to call for information about RisingTide 5 is 866-910-2055.

Connect with Rising Tide on your preferred platform:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/RisingTideNOLA

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/RisingTide

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I’ve been getting heavily involved in the new documentary Other Side of the Fence which is being made by my buddy Kevin Frech. Well, now its crunch time- with only a matter of hours left we have almost raised our needed completion funds through our Kickstarter campaign. The thing is, if we don’t meet our goal we get nothing, zip, nada. That’s the way Kickstarter works.

We have been contacted by an Angel investor who will donate the last $4K we need, if and only if we can reach the $6K mark by the deadline. (The bottom of the widget to the left shows in real time where we are in relation to our goal.)  So I am reaching out to our readers. We’ve only got to raise about a thousand dollars and we have achieved our objective. We also have only a matter of hours to do so (roughly 50 and counting at the time of this writing). Will you help us complete the doc?

“Why should I help? I know nothing about this film, what is it about?”  I’ll let Kevin’s own words sum it up:

The film asks the question, “How can we expect to save the animals if we won’t save the people?” by focusing on men who have survived both sides of the equation: ex-poachers turned game wardens like Nanyuki. On my first trip to Kenya I met Nanyuki, a former poacher who’d killed over 150 elephants. Now, as a police reservist, he protects the very same elephants he once hunted so mercilessly.

You can get a much more detailed description, view some of the footage already in the can, and donate just by clicking the widget above.


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New Project Gets Some Press

HBO's TremeEvery once in awhile one cannot help but indulge in a bit of narcissism. For me, today is one of those times.

Recently I joined the team at the new blog Back of Town, which is dedicated to analyzing the new HBO series Treme from the standpoint of actual New Orleanians. Several members of our New Orleans blogger rogues gallery are there with me, and in some odd ways it almost feels like the first year of HumidCity.

As bizarre as it is revisiting those times through the imperfect lens of fiction, it is good to see the broad strokes done properly. After all, there really has not been much in the way of accurate representations of NOLA in the world of celluloid. (Dennis Quaid. The Big Easy. I rest my case.) At least the people in it do not sound like they are from Atlanta or  rural Alabama.  Go read my full review on BoT for more.

Now here is the real moment of narcissism: Shortly after joining the team BoT got mentions in both The Atlantic [Watching Treme, Remembering Katrina] and The New York Times [Gathering to Watch Their City’s Star Turn].


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