Data mapping tools, machine filtering, infographics and viualization, open source mapping, and more as John Paul Titlow interviews Marshall Kirkpatrick.

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Sindrian Arts
Judah over at Sindrian Arts is a friend, a client, and one heck of an inventor.

Don’t just take my word for it though, Cory Doctorow just blogged about his latest project on Boing Boing- Kickstarter project to make an open-source CNC router. Many thanks to Cory for helping to get it in front of more eyes!

A CNC machine?  Many of you are probably asking “what’s that?” Well here is Judah’s answer to that very question from his latest Kickstarter update:

Put simply, CNC machines are one of the quickest ways to turn your ideas into physical objects.

When I was little I told anyone who asked that I wanted to be an inventor when I grew up. I would spend hours every day just staring off into space dreaming up everything from pedal-powered airplanes to Nerf-based siege weapons. I got into 3D computer modeling when I was around ten or so, and was amazed by how quickly I could take the images in my head and turn them into 3D objects on my screen. Years later when I entered design school and I was introduced to the school’s CNC machines, I realized that these tools could take the 3D objects on my screen and actually make them real.

I was in love.

I love working with people who have such a passion for what they’re doing! Of course I am also a well known proponent of both Open Source and DIY projects so it’s no surprise that I enjoy this type of project. Check out this video of the Kikori in action and if you’re inspired to do so drop by and add a few dollars to the funding. The minimum is one dollar and every dollar helps!

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As many of you are aware I have a long standing business relationship with SixEstate Communications. I do a lot of blogging and social media work on their campaigns and I also contribute a weekly column to their website’s blog.

Customer Service: New Rules for a Social Media World by Peter ShankmanImagine my surprise when one of my colleagues over there told me that a campaign we run (Law Offices of Daniel Rosen) had been used as a positive case study in Peter Shankman‘s newest book –Customer Service: New Rules for a Social Media World! (affiliate link)  Sure enough as soon as Amazon had turned around my order I discovered that my blogging work for Daniel Rosen, a gig for 6E, was one of the case studies on how to do it right.

It is always gratifying to be acknowledged by people whose work one admires. In that this was no different. I’ve followed the Skydiver’s work for a few years now and must admit that it helped me form my own stance on things as I made the transition from Hurricane Katrina blogger to being a pro.

Thanks Peter, you’ve helped kick my 2011 off to a lovely start!

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New Project Gets Some Press

HBO's TremeEvery once in awhile one cannot help but indulge in a bit of narcissism. For me, today is one of those times.

Recently I joined the team at the new blog Back of Town, which is dedicated to analyzing the new HBO series Treme from the standpoint of actual New Orleanians. Several members of our New Orleans blogger rogues gallery are there with me, and in some odd ways it almost feels like the first year of HumidCity.

As bizarre as it is revisiting those times through the imperfect lens of fiction, it is good to see the broad strokes done properly. After all, there really has not been much in the way of accurate representations of NOLA in the world of celluloid. (Dennis Quaid. The Big Easy. I rest my case.) At least the people in it do not sound like they are from Atlanta or  rural Alabama.  Go read my full review on BoT for more.

Now here is the real moment of narcissism: Shortly after joining the team BoT got mentions in both The Atlantic [Watching Treme, Remembering Katrina] and The New York Times [Gathering to Watch Their City’s Star Turn].


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