SocialGumbo currently publishes three websites, each fielding a team of three to eight bloggers. Each one is hyper focused on a particular topic and is supported social media satellites, usually including Twitter, Facebook Pages, and Flickr photo sharing communities.


HumidCityHumid City. Get yours at bighugelabs.comHumidCity launched a few months before Hurricane Katrina in April 2005 with a primary focus on the New Orleans art and music scene. After Hurricane Katrina and the levee failure that followed it became a news and commentary site with a fluctuating team of from three to nine bloggers at any given time.
CincyVoices. Get yours at bighugelabs.comLaunched in January 2010 CincyVoices utilizes a variety of new and established online voices it continues to evolve the citizen journalism / personal narrative model developed over the five prior years on HumidCity.
PlanejammerPlanejammer Chronicles. Get yours at bighugelabs.comCovering RPG gaming with an emphasis on the Spelljammer and Planescape settings and the Pathfinder RPG rules. Not only a regular blogging endeavor, Planejammer also will act as a common studio for invited freelance artists and designers with a focus on Pathfinder compatible content, and RPG art. One of the plans is to develop a line of pdf supplements for the Pathfinder rules.

If you are interested in advertising on or getting involved with one of the above websites please use the contact form below to drop us a line. You can also find us easily on Twitter and Facebook.

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