Every once in awhile I’m lucky enough to get coverage in the mainstream media. This is an archive of many of these stories and shows. New Orleans Post-Katrina: the Uses of the Web in Times of Crisis Focuses on my work with HumidCity as well as other major digital efforts and the evolution of The Lens.

Back of Town, which Loki contributes to, gets mentions in the New York Times and The Atlantic.

Mercatus Center: Networking Through Disaster – Interview about digital media in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and the failure of the New Orleans levees.

BBC 5 Live‘s Up All Night – Interview about Hurricane Gustav

WTUL FM‘s Community Gumbo: Government Transparency, Social Networking and Disaster Recovery -Feature Interview

TUN3R: George “Loki” Williams Talks To Me About Music, Radio, and New Orleans – Interview Tweeting Jazz Fest 2008 – Following a Music Fest in the Internet Age. – Video Interview

BBC Radio Five‘s show Pods and Blogs. – Recurring guest for two years running

The New Yorker’s New Orleans Journal: God’s Creatures. Quoted and linked (I have to admit I just got a kick out of that, honestly!)

Mike Malloy Show on Air America for their June 1st 2006 show (June 1st was the start of the first Post Katrina Hurricane Season) – Interview

BBC website: Blogs Tell Human Cost of Katrina

Offbeat Magazine: Tools For Success – Interview

Kingfish Magazine: Loki’s Motive – Interview