Community Management

Planewalker- Silver ENnie Award 2005Planewaker- Silver ENnie 2007planewalkerPlanewalker: The Official Planescape Website – Website and Community Manager 2004 – Present

Planewalker is the official fansite for the Planescape setting produced originally by TSR, then by Wizards

of the Coast. For over a decade the website has provided a hub for the international fan community including, but not limited to the following:

  • High activity community forums
  • A wiki
  • A vast collection of articles and extra material, generated both by staff and the user base.
  • Rules conversions for 3.x , 4th ed and other systems.
  • Publication of pdf supplements and conversions.

George has been one of the strongest supporters of Planewalker’s community and development since he came on board with us. He’s our leading edge of community initiatives and always has bigger and brighter ideas for the coming years. His work with Planewalker over the years has kept the site alive and the community engaged, we really couldn’t have done it without him. – Sarah Hood, Web Developer, Senior Manager


  • Silver ENnie Award 2005
  • Silver ENnie Award 2007