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Dark Roads and Golden Hells
Dark Roads & Golden Hells is one hell of an achievement… or perhaps eleven of them. Every chapter offers a world of ideas, every paragraph a vision. Open this to any page, and see if it doesn’t draw you in. Open Design has created a dazzlingly worthy successor to the Planescape legacy.”

– Colin McComb, Planescape designer

My debut print publication came in August of 2012 with the release of Dark Roads and Golden Hells. As a designer I was very proud to see one of my creations, the Fate Eater, used as an online promo for the book.

“The Fate Eater is rather completely awesome. I’m just looking for an excuse to get it into my current game.”

– Wolfgang Baur Kobold In Chief, Kobold Quarterly/Open Design

Shadow Planes & Pocket Worlds: A Dark Roads and Golden Hells Supplement (PFRPG) PDFImmediately following the release of DRGH a pdf based supplement was released – Shadow Planes & Pocket Worlds – including much of the content we created for the original volume that exceeded the available page count.

“… probably the highest quality content you’ll find for such a low price. This pdf is a stellar example of writing, of crunch-design and fluff-writing and is completely on par with the main book, which ranks imho among the best planar sourcebooks ever penned. My final verdict will thus, of course, be a full 5 stars + endzeitgeist seal of approval.”

-Endzeitgeist on Paizo.com

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