SOPA and John Stewart

I’ve been writing on other platforms in opposition to SOPA, but I think my favorite introduction to the subject in the wake of the Internet Blackout Wednesday is John Stewart’s.

It’s a deadly serious issue despite the laughs, and now that I have wrapped up a pair of website launch projects I’ll probably be writing about it here. As a content creator I’ve had my words stolen. Scraper sites have lifted endless reams of my text over the years, and yet I find SOPA far more worrisome. Piracy means I lose some revenue, but the ramifications of SOPA could put me out of business completely.

Several client projects are wrapping up and one book launch is well underway. I’d like to thank all of my clients old and new for the business, it is truly valued!

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Forrester’s CEO, George Colony, made a fantastic presentation at LeWeb this year in which he talks about three major shifts, or as he calls them Social Thunderstorms, that we will be seeing in 2012.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on it! Enjoy!

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I am pleased to announce that we are moving SocialGumbo World HQ back to New Orleans over the next week!

One unfortunate side effect of this is that I will not be able to provide as rapid a response to new inquiries, please give me a few days and I will get back to you. Thanks in advance for being patient.

The past three years in Cincinnati have added a lot of amazing new people to my circles, and rest assured that I will remain in touch with all of you.

In the meantime I have sixteen tons of packing to do and tons of logistics to juggle. Regular blogging will re-commence after the 21st when we are safely set up in the Crescent City!

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New Numbers From Nielsen

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Data mapping tools, machine filtering, infographics and viualization, open source mapping, and more as John Paul Titlow interviews Marshall Kirkpatrick.

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mushroom cloudJohn Haydon on Social Fish, a website you need to read if you work with non profits, brought my attention to a complete game changer that occurred a few days ago. In his post, Facebook users no longer have to “like” your Page (and what that means)?, he states it well: 

Up until Tuesday the only people who could comment on or like content on a Facebook page were fans of that Page. Now Facebook eliminated that requirement, allowing anyone (fans and nonfans) the ability to engage with a Facebook Page.

The result of this change is that the importance of “liking” Pages has essentially been nuked – for both brands (who have over-focused on getting fans) and Facebook users.

I highly advise checking out his full post if you work with or run Facebook pages. It is essential.

I will give one thing away though. As always it comes down to those who have been interacting vs. those who only broadcast. Guess which one will be in better shape as this plays out?

Image Source: Aaron / CC 2.0

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