Rand from SEOmoz has a Whiteboard Friday that everyone working online should take a look at. It’s all about Google’s rollout of Panda, their new algorithm level changes ┬áin how Google searches the web. It’s been a rocky one so far, as many legitimate webmasters have taken a hit from the new search. It’s thrown SEO into an uproar as people in the field try to figure out what works, what doesn’t, and how to determine best practices when the entire field of play has changed.

User experience is moving to the fore, as this quote from the video shows:

So, Panda kind of means something new and different for SEO. As SEOs, for a long time you’ve been doing the same kind of classic things. You’ve been building good content, making it accessible to search engines, doing good keyword research, putting those keywords in there, and then trying to get some links to it. But you have not, as SEOs, we never really had to think as much or as broadly about, “What is the experience of this website? Is it creating a brand that people are going to love and share and reward and trust?” Now we kind of have to think about that.

If you are working with content online you should keep an eye these developments. They will directly impact your online visibility.

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