Upcoming SocialGumbo Workshops- What do YOU Want?

classroomI’ve been working on something recently that I haven’t done since moving to Cincy- gearing up to do workshops.

So here is my question: what sort of workshops or classes would you like me to do? Keep in mind these can be geared towards individuals, small businesses, or national businesses. I’ve worked with all three.

Best practices, campaign management, basic how to’s- Let me know!

At the moment the two that I have in mind are Intro to Blogging and Intro to Social Media (there are versions of each of these geared towards both individuals and organizations).

I am planing on both face to face workshops in the Cincinnati area (and possibly in New Orleans periodically) but I am also available to provide custom instruction over Skype (which I will teach you if you don’t all ready use it).

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

 is the owner of SocialGumbo, LLC

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  1. So glad I ran across this. Very helpful to me and I am sure many others. I have to say I am definitely guilty of posting to one page and the poor result of doing so. How would you recommend fixing that once your already down that road? Can a post be edited or converted to a page and then removed from the front page?
    Again Thanks, David

    using WordPress by the way

  2. Sorry, my notifications had a moment. Just discovered your question.

    I’m afraid that there is no easy shortcut, you just need to cut and paste the content of the posts to their new pages, then delete the original posts. Depending on the age of the blog you may well lose some Google juice if there are already incoming links to those posts (take a look at your trackbacks)

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