Why I Cancelled My Hulu Plus Account

Hulu Plus LogoUnlike a lot of people out there I’ve had my laptop hooked up to my TV for years. I’ve gone through a variety of ways to watch my favorite programs over that time and I must confess that Hulu Plus has left me cold.

I was very excited about a paid version of Hulu, not because I enjoy spending money but because I loved the idea of seamless integration with my iPhone and my Playstation 3 (which I mainly use as a media server) . Alas that integration is no where ready for prime time.

Hulu Plus is the paid version of Hulu. It’s two stated points of differentiation are being able to playback over multiple devices and access to full seasons of current shows. In my opinion it would be more than worth the $7.99 a month if the playback were smooth. It is not. Far from it in fact.

In almost two months of trying it out I was not able to watch a single thing without the video hanging up repeatedly. This was especially true when the commercials would come on. Personally I do not object to a few 15-30 second commercials in my programs, after all they do need to generate revenue to continue the service.

What I do object to is the fact that as often as not viewing gets held up, sometimes for over a minute at a time, as the commercial has problems loading. This was true on a number of devices:

  • PC running Vista, PC Running Win7 (tested in Firefox, Chrome, and Explorer on each one)
  • iPhone 4 running the current iOS
  • Playstation 3

If Hulu can get the bugs out of it I’ll happily resubscribe to the service, but at this point the interface is just not robust enough to charge for.

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  1. Hulu still blocking Google tv is annoying as well.

    I got a Sony internet TV so I wouldn’t need to have a PC in my living room.

    But so far it appears that all Google TV can do is run chrome and Netflix.

    Which I can now do with my PS3.

  2. I haven’t really bothered with Google TV yet, reminds me a lot of Web TV many years ago. We all know how that one went.

    I’m not a video gamer so the fact that I use a PS3 as my media server / blu-ray player speaks volumes. The social aspects of the system are primitive compared to the XBox, which I also researched heavily, but Xbox does not have the Blu-Ray capability.

    If you have a Mac install Playback and you’ll greatly expand the PS3’s capabilities, FYI.

    Thanks for commenting!

  3. Loki, thanks for the heads up. It is people like you who can help us disconnect from the mega-ISP’s, i.e. Time Warner. There’s a lot of jockying going on now. The big corp’s know that peeps are ditching cable TV by the scores and they want to greet us at the gateway with a fee.

  4. I don’t mind paying a fee, but services need to be rendered properly before I’m willing to do so. There always has to be some sort of revenue to keep any project/service/company afloat.

    Of course in order for a company to survive it needs to provide value. Multiple lockups in the course of a hour long TV show is not the way to provide value.

    The price point ($7.99/month) would be great if it worked well. I think they launched the paid service too early.

    As to ditching cable, my wife and I did that seven years ago.

    HULU and all of its COMMERCIALS!!!
    Hulu can shove all their ridiculous commercials up their dark alley!!!
    Oh but they need them to support the site… awww….
    YAH RIGHT!!!
    They could easily start a pay club with no commercials and they would find MANY if not almost all people would immediately sign up!! WHO in their right mind cares to waste their prescious life on wasted time watching bogus commercials?? I will NEVER purchase ANYTHING they advertise anyway. What a complete JOKE!!

  6. Holy crap ronny, calm down. Its a commercial, not a doomsday threat. I seriously doubt ALL the subscribers would pay even more for no commercials.

    In fact, I’ll bet ya money. Because I wouldn’t. 2 minutes of commercials, breaking up segments of family guy doesn’t really hurt me, and most of my friends.

    Point is, people are happy with limited commercials, better than watching cable, eh?

  7. Connie Kane

    I’ve only had Hulu Pluse for three weeks but I’m ready to cancel. The commercials on some shows are well over a minute long and every 9 minutes! But what has me canceling before the end of my first month is the sub-rate shows and oh so few movies! We have been cable-less for three years and will never go back. I thought Hulu Pluse would have a variety of both movies and tv shows. But there are more Asian films than anything else. Problem is we’re not Asian! Hulu has no science fiction shows like Doctor Who or Primeval. No PBS shows like their mysteries or science shows. And that’s about all I watch! I wanted to watch The Bodyguard again when Whitney Houston died this past weekend. Of course Hulu doesn’t have it. So until Hulu Pluse gets a wider variety of AMERICAN shows, Netflix is doing us just fine. At least Netflix has Doctor Who!!

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