Stirring The Pot: An Interview with Kevin Dugan about

NoChannels LogoFor our first Stirring The Pot interview of 2011 I was lucky enough to get Kevin Dugan from Empower Media Marketing on the phone to talk about one of their most interesting new projects: No Channels.

It is about a subject I’ve long been fascinated by, the blurring of lines between media channels and types as it all becomes digital media. During my three years blogging for the NAB I wrote extensively about this effect as pertains to radio’s evolution onto Internet and mobile platforms. Empower’s new project takes it much further looking at all of the media channels are they converge upon the iPad era.

So now for the good part, a quick conversation with Kevin Dugan. Just click the play button below.

As a quick coda take three and a half more minutes and check out their intro video. I promise it won’t hurt.

I think it’s going to be quite interesting to watch this over the next year as I believe the effect he speaks of is going to do nothing but accelerate. What do you think? Leave a comment here, and go check out No Channels while you’re at it. The conversation over there is just getting started!

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  1. I really liked this blog post. It’s short & sweet & to the point. Its visual & audio inserts were very well done. Kevin and George – both of your voices sound good on audio & you did a great job communicating “The Best Way to Tell the Story” – this story.

    As far as the blending of media, this has been on my mind lately. I always try to think about the message I am giving, the audience (FB, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) and choose the best path to communicate it. But it does blur often. On FB, I want to share some messages with my family who want to know my aches/pains and see pics my daughter draws, but I know some others may not want to know. But then, its the whole package of who I am – so I usually post it. But I may not post those same intimate messages on LinkedIn.

    As far as Brands I like – (Here is one ex. )I’m glad they are easily touched and when they respond – that is even more awesome. I was so impressed the first time Katherine Nero (Ch9) replied to my Twitter posts. How cool to watch her on TV and then engage in conversation with her on commercials.

    Or have a DISH issue and when you post a question to them on Twitter, have them take care of it immediately. Immediate responses – now that’s customer service.

    I’m consistently, strategically, thinking about “The Best Way to Tell The Story” I want to share for the companies I work for and the groups I want to promote.

    There are so many options – what’s the best one?

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts – I’ll check back often for more.

  2. Thanks Anne, since blogging is the majority of what I do for a living I aim to please. People rarely comment on post structure so thanks for the input! Since I try to teach citizen journalism techniques that I’ve used I make a point of implementing them here on my business website. All done with Google Voice and YouTube (and Empower produced the YouTube video, I just embedded it).

    Trying to craft your message for a particular channel can be done. I have separate twitter channels for Cincy (@CincyVoices) and New Orleans (@HumidCity). I just use them so people can read only my content that interest them more easily. What fascinates me more is the blending of of audio, video, text, and real time that create this formidable force – digital media. It’s all digital now.

    Brand that use social media to build relationships are the ones that get it. From that standpoint it is the biggest customer service opportunity a business can have, it is a shame so many just broadcast rather than listening and engaging.

    Look forward to your feedback on future stories, thanks!

  3. I didn’t even get to the part about No Channels – I love the options we have today with media. I’m never bored and can accomplish so much with my EVO. Looking forward to the Android Tablet coming out soon. One thing people like – is taking care of what needs done – NOW.

  4. Immediacy is key. You’ve just expressed what the average consumer expects as a matter of course. The more ubiquitous smartphones become the more you will see this effect continue to amplify.

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