Facebook and the New Age of Privacy

This makes an especially pertinent follow up to my column last Thursday on SixEstate, more ruminations on the subject of privacy in the Internet age. Brian Solis did a great job with this report for PeopleBrowsr, give it a once over and let me know your thoughts.

Facebook and the New Age of Privacy

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  1. Great article! very objective and to the point. Privacy, as we knew it is a thing of the past. Living in the public has both good and bad sides. Before too long there will be even more openness. Openness to the point where privacy can come in the form of so much information out there that anything about one person will be mashed in with trillions of tidbits about everyone else.

    The price tag for privacy is getting to steep and the reward for public inclusion increasing with it. The reward will out weight the cost soon if it hasn’t already.

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