We’ve Got It If We Can Reach 6K!

I’ve been getting heavily involved in the new documentary Other Side of the Fence which is being made by my buddy Kevin Frech. Well, now its crunch time- with only a matter of hours left we have almost raised our needed completion funds through our Kickstarter campaign. The thing is, if we don’t meet our goal we get nothing, zip, nada. That’s the way Kickstarter works.

We have been contacted by an Angel investor who will donate the last $4K we need, if and only if we can reach the $6K mark by the deadline. (The bottom of the widget to the left shows in real time where we are in relation to our goal.)  So I am reaching out to our readers. We’ve only got to raise about a thousand dollars and we have achieved our objective. We also have only a matter of hours to do so (roughly 50 and counting at the time of this writing). Will you help us complete the doc?

“Why should I help? I know nothing about this film, what is it about?”  I’ll let Kevin’s own words sum it up:

The film asks the question, “How can we expect to save the animals if we won’t save the people?” by focusing on men who have survived both sides of the equation: ex-poachers turned game wardens like Nanyuki. On my first trip to Kenya I met Nanyuki, a former poacher who’d killed over 150 elephants. Now, as a police reservist, he protects the very same elephants he once hunted so mercilessly.

You can get a much more detailed description, view some of the footage already in the can, and donate just by clicking the widget above.


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  1. Loki, thanks for promoting Other Side of the Fence, my husband’s doc. He’s a talented and passionate director, and based on the footage I’ve seen, it will be a doc that can elicit real change. Thanks, Loki, and thanks to any and all potential backers.

  2. Thanks to all who donated or helped get the word out, we made it!

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