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introtosocialmediaToday I’d like to provide a few resources as a follow up to my lecture yesterday. We had a small but engaged crowd at the Sophielab, and I promised I would put together a quick overview with some useful links. (For those who missed it and have an interest, Crystal at Sohpielab is ripping the lecture and Q&A down a podcast even now. I’ll throw up a link when I have one.)

Lets start, as I did that day, with the fantastic Common Craft video Social Media in Plain English. This is my favorite way to introduce the concept to people so that we can get onto other topics. Check out their website for a stupendous array of Plain English videos. If you want to explain Twitter to your elderly aunt? They’ve got a video that will do it (and they sell Hi Res versions for Professional use.)

Once we had the basics on the table I explained the most important aspect of social media: Its the conversation NOT the application. It does not matter if you are using Facebook, Twitter, or any of the other social media applications ut there, you are doing the same basic thing- having a conversation. This is an incredibly important fundamental axiom.

Now, here are some links to things that we discussed during the lecture and the Q&A:

A great example of consolidating your social media efforts is tying twitter to your Facebook account so that your tweets automatically update your status message. Your mileage may vary with this one depending on how frequently you update your twitter account. Personally I’ve seen a 500% increase in conversations on Facebook since implementing it. [ How to make Twitter update your Facebook Status ]

We also spoke about online profiles and ways to centralize them. I’ve become a fan of the Google Profile that any Google app or Gmail user can set up free and rapidly. This becomes especially useful once you tie in all of your other social media apps. [ Your Google Profile: Tart it Up ]

Another topic was “real time” with twitter being the primary example. As the Internet leaves the desktop an smart phones like the Blackberry and iPhone make it accessible anywhere the pace is accelerating. In the interest of providing illustration I advise checking out this piece from Mashable showing the amazing impact 140 characters and real time mobile access have brought us over the past two years or so. [ The Ten Most Extraordinary Twitter Updates]

If you attended the class please leave a comment with your Twitter, Facebook, etc so that we can can continue the discussion! If you did not, please come join us!

sophiedaisyicon2x2_webI’d like to extend my particular thanks to Crystal Kile at the social media collaboratory at Newcomb College Center for Research on Women for having me speak and for all of the amazing work she has done at NCCROW, especially since Hurricane Katrina and the levee failures.

The Group shot at the top of the post was taken by Ray Nichols, a man already leveraging social media for the common good! Thanks Ray!

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  1. Thank you for putting this info up like this – great resource. As a reminder, I just started twittering @rebekahcain. :)

  2. Like I said at the lecture, feel free to contact me on the web at any point with follow up questions.

    I’d love to continue your theme of technology induced dehumanization, it’s one of my favorite themes in fiction as well.

    Following you on twitter now btw.

  3. Ray Nichols

    I appreciate your emphasis on social networking and conversation. The tools we use will evolve, but the network is key…

    I’ve been quite impressed with the work of Karen Stephenson?

    My definition of Good Guys was borrowed from the article:

    Who do you consider highly innovative?

    Who brings ideas about the “big picture” to his or her efforts?

    Who has the integrity, concern for the common good, and guts needed to get this project done?

    Who would roll up his or her sleeves in order to see this project through to the very end?

    Who would you depend on to help bring together local resources?

    Thanks again!


  4. Thanks again, Loki! The audio podcast of our session is still forthcoming, but a link to this great post/resource set is now up at

    I’ll comment back here when I get the podcast up.

  5. Great lecture! I’m so glad I attended. I learned many new things and met some interesting new people – which is always a plus! Thanks to George and to Sophielab.
    I’m twittering @erinhymel.

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